Examples Overview

Each of these examples are designed to illustrate how to use a feature of tiny-wasm-runtime.

Name Description Link
helloworld a very simple example to get you started helloworld
stdio-div This simple C program demos inputting and
printing characters to a div tag
stdio-canvas This simple C program demos writing and inputting
from a <canvas> tag that tiny-wasm-runtime configures
as a windowed "mini-terminal"
balls These fun Bouncing Balls are written in C++ and demo the
2D drawing APIs with a C++ Canvas wrapper class
maze This is an old Win32 program ported to wasm
and demos the 2D Draw APIs
fft A demo of calling a C library to perforam an FFT
that is graphed in Typescript
tests-libcxx Smoke test for libc++. Shows how to use libc++. tests-libcxx
more Demo of function calls, units tests more

Building the Examples

See Example Readme for more information on building and running the examples.